Guess what happened the last time in history when Jews gave up their guns?

A shocking number of liberals, many of them Jewish, have convinced themselves that the best way to deal with societal gun violence is to simply take away all guns from law-abiding citizens. But it would seem as though these folks are forgetting what happened to them the last time the government took away everybody’s guns in the name of creating a safe and secure society.

In the aftermath of the New Zealand massacre, as a most recent example, many a Jewish media pundit, congressman, and even religious leader decided to push for various iterations of gun control legislation to be passed, claiming that infringing upon the Second Amendment will somehow fix the problem of gun violence. But remember: This been tried before – and the consequences were absolutely devastating.

A certain leader in 1930s Germany, it turns out, rose to power on a platform that included mass gun confiscation, which he claimed would make everything better – and the people as a whole fell for it. And not long after, as the history books show, the resultant unarmed populace was powerless to defend against this same German leader’s endgame of mass murder against Jews and others whom he deemed a threat.

It wasn’t until years later, after millions were slaughtered, that the United States and other opposing powers put a stop to it – once again reminding the world why Americans should treasure their Second Amendment rights as a priceless gift, and one that prevents the type of mass genocide that was employed by Adolph Hitler.

History repeats

In other words, instead of pushing for more restrictions on guns every time there’s a tragic mass shooting, Americans should instead push for more education on the proper use of guns. It’s also not a bad idea post-shooting to remind the public that, the more guns held by law-abiding citizens, the less likely it is that a mass shooting will even occur at all.

“Following a mass murder, calls should increase for universal self-defense training, discounts and sales on firearms, range time, ammunition, classes for men, women, children and families as groups, and new gun-safety and marksmanship curricula for schools,” contends “Unfortunately, leading the charge to disarm the public and make people helpless in the face of known dire threats that are clear and present dangers, are Jews for the confiscation of firearms.”

“These misguided brethren of ours have been misled and have forgotten the lesson of the Holocaust: ‘Never Again!'” adds. “If they remembered, there would be no way to attack us and get away with it. We would bring a barrage down upon the attackers that would forever give them pause before such an attempt were ever made. Never Again! Wake up and smell the muzzles pointed at you.”

One of the groups leading the charge against the often Jewish-led calls for more gun control are Jewish members of a group known as Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO), which openly condemns all such demands for the Second Amendment to be trampled. Described as America’s “most aggressive civil-rights organization,” JPFO sees no place for gun control in the American paradigm, urging more gun ownership to help fight back against gun violence.

“So-called ‘gun control’ does not control guns and doesn’t control criminal behavior,” the group points out, pointing to situations like the one in Brazil where gun violence has plummeted as restrictions on gun ownership have been lifted.

“What [gun control] does do is disarm the innocent, leaving them helpless in the face of criminals, tyrannical governments and genocide. History repeatedly proves this fact,” the group adds, pointing out that, unfortunately, all four main branches of Judaism currently and misguidedly support more gun control measures.

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