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BOMBSHELL: Anti-gun sociopath David Hogg caught on Reddit celebrating the mass killing of “billions of people” as being “great for the environment”

Anti-gun sociopath David Hogg — see daily news coverage at — has been caught in a Reddit post celebrating the death of billions of people from mosquito-borne disease, an InfoWars investigation has now found.

Mosquitoes “kill humans, billions of them, which is great for the environment,” Hogg stated in a Reddit post from late 2017, confirming that Hogg is not merely a foul-mouthed bully of legal firearms owners, but actually despises humanity and celebrates the mass killing of billions of people.

Like many indoctrinated youth, Hogg has been taught by the globalist-run public school system that human beings are bad and must be eliminated through depopulation schemes in order to “save the climate.” This position is consistent with the genocidal desires of Bill Gates, Ted Turner and many other noted globalists who actively seek to reduce human population through nefarious means, including covertly spiking vaccines given to African women with infertility chemicals that cause spontaneous abortions, a United Nations practice that has been discovered and denounced by the Kenya Conference of Bishops (KCCB).

I posted a one-hour lecture on the topic of forced depopulation — since banned by YouTube — entitled, “The Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks.” The use of engineered mosquitoes to deliver covert infertility vaccines to populations in developing countries is one of the vectors that’s openly talked about among depopulation advocates. For example, DARPA is feverishly working on a “genetic doomsday” weapon that can target human populations for extinction. This devastating genetic weapon has been reported by The Guardian and numerous science publications. Watch my banned video here, or keep reading about Hogg, below:

David Hogg joins the call for the mass killing of humans in order to “save the planet”

Hogg’s advocacy for the mass killing of billions of humans via mosquito-borne infections is consistent with the mass genocide that usually follows gun confiscation by rogue governments. As history has repeatedly shown, disarming the population is the first step toward the mass murder of targeted groups of human beings.

Adolf Hitler, of course, achieved widespread gun control before the Holocaust which targeted and murdered six million disarmed Jews. Similar efforts were undertaken by Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro and other mass murderers who, like David Hogg, all supported a central, powerful government that ruled over the people with absolute tyranny.

Now learning that David Hogg celebrates the deaths of “billions of people” because their deaths are “great for the environment,” we are not at all surprised that Hogg appears to be a soulless, evil, sociopathic bully who also wants to disarm the public so that evil individuals like him can rule over us without opposition.

I sensed all this in Hogg from the very first moment he took the public stage. There is a seething evil and unbounded hatred inside Hogg, as if he literally wants everyone who disagrees with him to be murdered. That’s why I dubbed Hogg “the most dangerous person in America,” which is precisely why the anti-liberty media wanted to turn him into a celebrity:

Investigative journalism uncovers the real truth about David Hogg, a sociopathic, hate-filled bully who celebrates the mass death of billions of human beings

David Hogg posted his comment under his Reddit name “davisgreen111.” As Paul Joseph Watson found, this account actually belongs to David Hogg:

Although the entry was posted under the pseudonym ‘davisgreen111’, the account almost certainly belongs to Hogg. The poster refers to himself as “David Hogg” in one post and another post links to a video from Hogg’s personal YouTube channel. Another post confirms that he lives in Parkland, Florida. Another post also links to a story about Hogg’s father, former FBI agent Kevin Hogg. In another post, ‘davisgreen111’ makes reference to his dad being an FBI agent.

Stunningly, the anti-liberty legacy media has elevated David Hogg to a position of near-sainthood by amplifying his claim that he wants to “save the children” from being killed.

But Hogg seems to have no remorse whatsoever for the “billions” of people he gleefully points out are killed by mosquitoes. Even though most of those deaths occur in countries population by black and brown people, Hogg says this mass death is “great for the environment.”

Can you imagine the outcry if President Trump had stated that malaria and mosquito-borne diseases are “great for the environment” because they kill so many black and brown people in third-world nations? That’s exactly what David Hogg said, yet there’s no outcry whatsoever from the media. They are protecting this despicable person to such an extent that I have no doubt if he demanded all gun owners be lined up in front of ditches and beheaded with machetes, the New York Times and Washington Post would applaud the demand and ask, “How soon can we begin?”

“The Reddit post conflicts with Hogg’s public image as somebody who cares about saving lives,” writes Paul Joseph Watson for Infowars. “Some would also construe the remark as racist given that mosquito-related deaths disproportionately affect non-white people living in poor third world countries.”

David Hogg sides with Monsanto, makers of Agent Orange and cancer-causing glyphosate

It seems Hogg isn’t merely a bully… He’s also a sociopath. David Hogg openly sides with Monsanto, the world’s largest and most evil manufacturer of chemical poisons (including Agent Orange, which was used heavily in the Vietnam War). Now it all starts to add up:

1) David Hogg sides with Monsanto, the world’s largest manufacturer of chemical poisons that inflict cancer upon millions while poisoning the food supply.

2) David Hogg celebrates the death of “billions of people” from mosquito-borne diseases, which predominantly impact black and brown people in poor nations.

3) David Hogg demands the mass disarmament of the population, the same tactic used by Adolf Hitler before the mass slaughter of disarmed Jews.

Despite all this, the mainstream media continues to glorify this obviously disturbed young man, whose seething anger immediately reminds everyone of a young fascist named Adolf Hitler. Hogg is so angry and filled with hatred that YouTube and Google are currently running a Hogg protection team to scrub all videos that depict David Hogg as an angry fascist sporting a Third Reich-style salute:

Read for more coverage of this sociopathic, human-hating tyrant-in-training, as we all watch him self-destruct in the weeks ahead.

And all of you who have David Hogg videos that are being banned by YouTube, save all your video files because they will be welcomed at when it launches this Independence Day. (Go there now to request a video channel.)


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