In South Africa, the mass murder of white people has become official government policy… and Barack Obama applauds it

During a recent speech he gave at the 2018 Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture, Barack Obama praised current South African President Cyril Ramaphosa for “inspiring great hope in this country” – a country that, as you may recall, is not only actively removing all white people from their rightfully-owned land, but is also killing them off as part of a secret genocide agenda.

Simon Roche, a civil defense expert with the group Suidlanders, spoke with “Wait Til You Hear This,” a channel on the popular new video content service, about how the anti-white racism in South Africa extends far beyond just depriving white people of their right to live peacefully on their own land.

According to Roche, the so-called “legacy of apartheid” in South Africa has created a culture throughout the country that sees it as acceptable to discriminate against whites. Because black people had to endure apartheid in the past, in other words, they are now expected to feel some degree of vindictiveness towards white people – this being the rationale offered up by the government that Obama loves, as well as other white-hating liberals.

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Obama supports intimidating white people off their land to steal it for blacks

If you’re white and live in South Africa – even if you’ve been there for generations – your chances of being assaulted or even murdered by angry blacks is exceptionally high, says Roche. While being a policeman in South Africa is already extremely dangerous, it’s 2.02 times more dangerous to be a white farmer in South Africa than a policeman, he warns.

“It is half as dangerous to be a living, breathing three-year-old white girl in South Africa as it was to be a grown man in infantry combat in Vietnam,” he adds.

“Using liberal, non-governmental activist organizations as a reference point, there is a consensus among them that the minimum statistic of the likelihood of a woman in South Africa to be raped – this is all women, black and white and colored and so on – is one in three. So there’s about a 30 percent chance of any woman in South Africa being raped throughout the course of her lifetime.”

It’s all part of an anti-white agenda being perpetuated by both the government of South Africa and the mainstream media to uproot all whites from the country and give it back to blacks. And Obama supports this evil agenda, as evidenced by the glowing words he had for Ramaphosa, who’s currently leading the charge in removing all whites from South Africa.

“The mainstream media is controlled by what we call ‘global capital.’ And it is part of the narrative of the new South Africa that global capital and the media support the new South Africa and are shown to endorse it,” says Roche.

According to Dr. Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch in Washington, D.C. – the world’s leading predictor of genocide – this current trend of “low-intensity” intimidation is being carefully implemented to drive white people from their land. Should this approach ultimately fail, then “open conflict” will come next – meaning full-on genocide.

Roche’s organization, Suidlanders, is a conservative, Christian group that’s raising money and goods to help white people in South Africa survive this assault – and they’ve repeatedly been targeted by the government for this humanitarian effort. The likes of Obama is certainly trying to stamp out groups like Suidlanders that are trying to help disenfranchised whites, but the group has no plans of giving up any time soon.

“Things like diesel fuel, medical supplies, and so on” are among the support that Suidlanders provides.

To learn more or to donate to Suidlanders, visit Read more about “democide” — death by government — at

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