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Left-wing media morons praise Fidel Castro as a “reformer” rather than the mass murderer he really was

Fidel Castro is one of the most twisted men in modern history. A vicious dictator whose rule over the country of Cuba forced millions of citizens to flee to the United States, Castro is seen as a truly awful person by every logical human being on the planet. Sadly, there are a lot of leftists who somehow view Fidel Castro as a revolutionary hero, reformer and beloved icon instead of the monstrous dictator that he actually was.

It’s hard to understand a situation that makes Castro anything but awful, but that’s the Regressive Left for you. They’re always finding bogus ways of turning horrible human beings into heroes. From Castro to Che Guevara, the leftists of the world continue to find people to admire within the realm of communism and socialism. Even in the face of facts about how evil Castro was, idiots on the left try to turn a negative into a positive and lie to themselves in the process.

Tammy Bruce of The Washington Times breaks down why this is such a terrible idea, stating, “There is no religious freedom in Cuba — there was room for only one god and that was Fidel. There was no free press, of course, no personal freedom, only fear. The actual number of those killed by the Castro brothers and their murderous associate Che Guevara can never be known only because of the number of disappeared opponents, gays, academics and the educated.”

Healthy societies can not grow under the likes of Castro. Communism is an economic disaster and should be treated as such, but the foolish people on the left refuse to accept the fact that any aspect of American life — including free market capitalism — is a good thing, so they lie to themselves about how good of an idea communism — or even socialism — really is.

It is vital that all of us go out of our way in order to show the Regressive Left just how maniacal Fidel Castro was. Not only was he a bad person by conservative standards, he also held values that directly infringed on what modern liberals believe. The fact that they continue to rally around him as if he were some sort of lovable hero is baffling, to say the least, but at this point, we should expect hypocrisy and idiocy from these folks.

Capitalism is the only method that truly benefits the people. Communism is terrible. Socialism is terrible. Castro is terrible.



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